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How Jaguar Land Rover Created 175 Ads in 10mins

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How Jaguar Land Rover Created 175 Ads in 10mins

“During the purchase journey, customers get exposed to tremendous amounts of data and ads from brands. Only communications that are relevant to what the customer wants to know at the specific stage of their shopping journey will stick and make the desired impact. Facebook data proposition and technical sophistication have enabled us to remain relevant and impactful, hence driving sales of our Approved used program. With the help of Smartly and Facebook technologies, we were able to create 175 dynamic ads in 10 mins, with up-to-date stock being advertised to the shoppers. This meant our ability to give the in-market audience the information they need during their shopping journey.” 

Mohammed Jaradat, Marketing Communication Manager, Jaguar Land Rover MENA

It was a challenge for Jaguar Land Rover to promote Approved pre-owned cars with numerous different data points across 16 countries, and the agency needed to constantly follow up with dealers manually to ensure all inventories are up to date. 

What did they do?

They used‘s image templates and custom inventory feeds to create automated creatives that were used in Carousel and still ads across Facebook and Instagram. Why so? Because they wanted to maximize efficiency and attract users who have already shown interest in the product.

The result was 175 ads created in 10 minutes only.

We spoke with Mohammed Jaradat from Jaguar to understand more about this campaign: 

What was the main goal for the digital campaign that ran on Facebook platforms?

The goal was to arrive at a practical solution whereby the approved used stock is exposed to target audience in real-time during their purchase journey. The key challenge was having to constantly follow-up with Jaguar Land Rover dealers around the region to assure that our Approved pre-owned campaign assets remain up-to-date with the current inventory available at the dealer showroom, resulting in slow creative production which lead to us ending up building generic creatives, and delays in campaign launches due to the last minute stock changes.

What made you choose Facebook’s marketing solutions out of many alternatives?

Facebook advertising platform presented to us an effective solution for reaching the target customers, this is due to the flexibility we get from the various ad formats on the platform in addition to the targeting algorithms that reduce media waste and hence improves our ROI.

 Which Facebook/Instagram solution did you use for this campaign?

The brief to the media agency – Dentsu X Dubai – was that we need to automate the creative production as per the nameplate and need to move away from the generic creative approach, via a FB-friendly technology. Meaning, our FB ads are updated in real-time with the current stock available at the showroom. With retailers constantly updating the Approved-used website with the latest inventory, it became possible to rely on it as the source to inform our campaign assets.

To achieve this, the Dentsu X and Facebook, recommended Smartly – a Facebook partner who provided us with the technology we have been looking for. We provided an XML data file using the Approved pre-owned up-to-date content. The XML file, became the source of data for Smartly to update the Facebook ads in real-time.

Could you share the results of your campaign? Did you achieve your goals?

The results were our ability to create 175 dynamic ads in 10 mins reducing the assets production time by 95%. Furthermore, the timely and up-to-date campaign provided more relevant communication going to markets, allowing for 110% CTR increase as well as 45% CPC reduction when compared with regular campaign setup.

 Which measurement methods did you use to gain new learnings? 

Facebook dashboards, as well as the data we get from our website analytics were both the key sources for monitoring the performance of the campaign. At the same time, qualified showroom traffic during the course of the campaign as reported by the dealers is another source of data that we look at.

 What would you recommend to other businesses?

It’s about the right communication to the right audience at the right time. Keep the communication focused toward what an “in-market” audience would want to see during their purchase journey.



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