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Ooredoo Telecom Kuwait, A Rejuvenated Brand

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Ooredoo Telecom Kuwait, A Rejuvenated Brand

“Facebook is no longer just a social media platform to communicate with your customers, it has gone beyond that. It enabled us to target specific customers and make it easier for them to purchase our products either on Facebook itself or on our own platforms (website & app). Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp business are now the most effective platforms for us to build brand equity and drive sales on mobile.”           

Mijbil Alayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Ooredoo Telecom Kuwait.




In an attempt to change the brand’s perception and show that everything is more fun with high-speed internet services, Ooredoo Kuwait launched “Enjoy the Internet” campaign.

The campaign featured Lionel Messi, one of the world’s top football stars and Ooredoo’s global brand ambassador.

Messi was shown with other local influencers, all enjoying themselves online, suggesting that “Internet is more fun with Ooredoo”. The main campaign videos were shot in different short videos that were adapted to different ad formats across Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories.

What was the Impact?

By leveraging their partnership with Leo Messi on Facebook & Instagram platforms, Ooredoo achieved a 10-point lift in brand awareness and 80% improvement in people’s perception of Ooredoo Kuwait’s Internet experience.

We talked to Mijbil Alayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Ooredoo Telecom Kuwait about their campaign on Facebook & Instagram and the results they achieved.

What was the main goal of the digital campaign that ran on Facebook platforms?

We wanted to rejuvenate our brand and reinforce Ooredoo data leadership perceptions: best experience, best coverage, fast internet etc. Message association with these RTBs was a key focus for us to improve our brand’s perception in Kuwait.

What made you choose Facebook’s marketing solutions out of many alternatives?

Facebook Marketing solutions allowed us to reach a wider audience through a series of highly shareable moments. The diversity of ad formats that we also created enabled us to be present on the platforms where our target audience is.

Which Facebook/Instagram solutions/products did you use for this campaign?

Facebook and Instagram News Feed (photo, video, carrousel, etc.), Instagram stories and Audience Network.

Could you share the results of your campaign? Did you achieve your goals?

The campaign had great impact and Ooredoo Kuwait’s brand was successfully rejuvenated:

  • 5-point lift in association of Ooredoo with tagline “Enjoy the Internet”
  • 10-point lift in ad recall
  • 7-points increase in brand awareness
  • 80 percent improvement in people’s perception of Ooredoo Kuwait’s Internet experience

How did you measure the impact of online investment on brand campaigns?

We did a Brand lift study to track the brand’s awareness and message association as well as Facebook Analytics, Web Analytics and market research to measure ad recall and likeability.

What would you recommend to other advertisers who want to increase their Brand awareness in general and for a specific product (e.g. internet speed)?

Optimizing reach & frequency worked very well for us as we reached our target audience while ensuring brand recall. By also creating short videos in different formats showcasing our main reasons to believe, we reinforced message association and presence across Facebook solutions.


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