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The Beirut Outreach Initiative


The Beirut Outreach Initiative

The Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) Youth Board recently announced an outreach initiative to support local businesses in Beirut following the devastating explosions that claimed the lives of more than 160 people, injured thousands, and left as many as 300,000 without a home. Communicate spoke with Nada Elbarshoumi, MEPRA Youth Board Member, and  Senior Manager at Weber Shandwick MEMAT to learn more about the initiative.

What services will MEPRA provide as part of the board’s outreach initiative in Beirut?

As a network of young communications professionals, the MEPRA Youth Board will be offering comprehensive bilingual (English and Arabic) content creation services including copywriting, copy editing, and translation.

Why the need to introduce this initiative right now?

The Beirut blast has affected hundreds of businesses, many of whose own employees are among the hundreds of thousands of citizens and residents impacted by the aftermath of the explosion. We wanted to ensure that we can contribute our own human capital to businesses in need so that the crucial work that they need to deliver can continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, charities and NGOs are in dire need of support to ensure their message and story continue to be amplified to the world. It’s critical to raise awareness on the ongoing struggles of the Lebanese people as well as inspire calls to action when it comes to donating either funds and basic necessities, to support those affected within the community.

How important is it for businesses to keep communicating during such events?

Businesses should undoubtedly keep communicating through times of struggle such as this – however, there is a need to pivot one’s messaging and narrative to ensure it is considerate and compassionate to the current circumstances. We’ve seen businesses leverage social and traditional media during this time to mobilize rebuilding efforts, fundraising initiatives, and driving awareness around the crisis as a whole in a bid to appeal to and incite action within the international community.

You can email at [email protected] for all requests for support from the MEPRA Youth Board regarding the Beirut Outreach Initiative  

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