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“The Insult” earns an Academy award nomination for best foreign language film

The Insult


“The Insult” earns an Academy award nomination for best foreign language film

Directed by Ziad Doueiri, “The Insult” starts Adel Karam as Tony, a Lebanese Christian, who spills water by accident on a Palestinian-refugee the Muslim construction worker, Yasser. The argument heats up to a point where there is rejection of one another’s existence. And the two characters meet at the court after they attack each other where their story causes tension in their city.

The movie recieved mixed reviews. The negative ones claimed that the movie is an attempt to re-ignite the internal conflict between the two parties portrayed in the film. But the movie is one of Doueiri’s attempts to tell untold stories. Lebanese culture has always been enriched with politcal conflicts and sectarianism. Doueiri was praised for daring to make a film about a fact that every Lebanese citizen denies.

Following Kamel el Basha’s win at Venice Film festival, several industry experts predicted the Academy Awards’ nomination after noticing the attention it recieved. The nomination announced this Tuesday, for best foreign language film, is a first of its kind for the Lebansese movie industry.

The 90th Academy Award ceremony is set on Sunday, 4th of March, 2018, and we wish the best for this must-watch.


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