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Sadeem Launches the First Competition for Arab Influencers



Sadeem Launches the First Competition for Arab Influencers

Arab social media influencers, who want a journey of creativity, discovery, and digital growth, now have their own competition. Sadeem targets young Arabs with a unique style and spark to inspire the world.

Their amazing journey will be made into a digital series launching soon. The competition will start with twenty contestants but nine of them will be in a hub to benefit from seminars and workshops that will help them build the required knowledge to compete. After that, the finalists should create video content that will be judged by the judging panel which includes the Kuwaiti comedian Shuaib Rashed, the Egyptian motivational speaker Kareem Esmail, the Kuwaiti fashion blogger Ascia al Faraj, and the Algerian Youtuber Youcef Zarouta.

The competition started on the 1st of December, when applicants were requested to send videos of them to validate their participation. Later, in March the top twenty contestants will be announced; and in April the Sadeem hub will test contestants in several ways. Through the process, experts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, will run workshops to help contestants reach their digital potential. In May the top three finalists will tackle the challenge of their lifetime when they try to win the grand prize of a million riyals. The winner will be determined by the audience at the end of the competition. With Sadeem, the world of influencers will be unveiled, and the talents of the Arab world will be revealed to earn the chance they deserve.

We reached out to  the judges to see what do they think of the competition being a breakthrough in the media industry.

What aspects of your own experience will influence your judging and mentoring on Sadeem’s panel?

Karim Esmail

Kareem Esmail:

“Through my Public Speaking Career as a Motivational Speaker and also as a Public Speaking Coach, I have worked with a lot of speakers and content creators to develop their contents. So I do believe through my journey in Sadeem that I’ll be focusing on contestants performance through the way they use their voices and body language, also the clarity of the message which is sent to the audience and the content structure.


Moreover, in my opinion the contestant should focus on 3 elements: 

– Valuable and clear message 

– Creative and authentic way of delivery

– Powerful performance” 


How will Sadeem contribute to the influencers’ scene in the Middle East?

Shouaib Rashed

Shuaib Rashed:

“Traditional media is suffering from a shortage of writers, and social media networks have exhausted the content of online celebrities. This is the crisis of all kinds of media and we’re now witnessing trivial content, while values have eroded.

The solution is not to invent new ideas because they will run out with time. The solution is to build a machine that can constantly innovate, and Sadeem is that machine in today’s world. Through Sadeem, we will teach one another how to innovate under any circumstance and for any cause, so that trivia and vanity become ‘the exception’. Creative content is at the core of our online communication, and we all know how more tasteful and classy social media (content) can reflect on our values, goals and most aspects of our lives.

I think that Sadeem, in the long run, can even develop people’s traditional communication style, and good communication certainly saves us a lot of problems and misunderstandings”

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