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7 tweets about the Burberry logo change that made us LOL


7 tweets about the Burberry logo change that made us LOL

On August 3, Burberry unveiled its new logo marking the first change in 20 years.

And people are not loving it.

Here are a few tweets that made us LOL.

1. This company that was both truthful and funny

2. This one that made us LOL

Burberry: “we need to update our brand. We need a new logo”

Agency: how about this new logo trend where you look like everyone else?

Burberry: Yyesss fam!

3. This one that’s a bit harsh and not entirely honest (’cause not ALL designers, okay?) but also Seville was just given 4 weeks so there’s that


4. TBH it is hard to tell!


5. This totally heartfelt tribute

6. To be fair, there is a London in Canada AND the US

7. Maybe ’cause there is a London in America? (Just kidding.)

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