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Another brand, another chat bot. Who is it this time?


Another brand, another chat bot. Who is it this time?

Virtual assistants, or more simply chatbots, have been all the rage in recent times.

Brands like Hamleys, Nissan and Emirates NBD are just a few who have deployed chat bots to engage with customers.

Now, INFINITI has launched Idris, its new AI-powered virtual assistant that aims to helps customers with any product-related questions. Idris is available 24/7 through Facebook Messenger and the brand’s website.

According to a company statement, Idris has been trained to have “an engaging, friendly tonality and is unique, like his human colleagues, tuned to weave in his own brand of humor into his responses.”

“Operated based on artificial intelligence, Idris is constantly learning and enhancing the level of customer support to address dire questions immediately,” adds Karsten Jankowski, general manager – marketing, INFINITI Middle East.

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