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Aramco Film Generates 13 Million Views On Twitter


Aramco Film Generates 13 Million Views On Twitter

To celebrate Saudi National Day, Saudi Aramco created an educational film  featuring the journey of the country through key historical milestones, using Twitter as the main channel to connect with its audience.

The interactive film showcases the civilizational and developmental shifts witnessed by the Kingdom, one era after another. By detailing the Kingdom’s transformation, the film aimed to celebrate Saudi National Day, and stir pride in the country’s achievements. The campaign generated more than 13 million video views on Twitter. 

A few days before the occasion, the company tweeted the hero video and asked people to retweet to receive one of 15 pre-programmed infographics. These provided insightful information about existing or developing projects in the Kingdom.


The infographic, sent as an auto-response in the Twitter notifications tab, included a call-to-action. It asked people to contribute to the conversation by tweeting their most cherished moment in Saudi Arabia’s history, using the hashtag نستاهلك_يا_دارنا# (we deserve you, homeland). 

 Saudi Aramco also developed an educational microsite featuring the entire video, with interactive elements highlighting key projects through rich factual storytelling. Visitors to the site could click onto hotspots to reveal additional facts  and an interactive timeline was embedded on the page. This detailed the 15 previously shared projects and allowed people to browse them all at once.

They were encouraged to share their favorite part of history by tweeting directly from the site, encouraging followers to visit and explore the content.



Other Twitter ad formats used by Saudi Aramco for this campaign included First View (a Promoted Video that appears at the the top ad slot in the timelines for a 24-hour period), video website cards to drive people to a site and In Stream Video Sponsorships, a partnership program that allows brands to work with video publishers during key moments, sponsoring their premium content through pre-roll ads. 


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