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Centrepoint revamps brand identity, launches new campaign


Centrepoint revamps brand identity, launches new campaign


One of the largest retailers in the region, Centrepoint, which had positioned itself as Four Great Brands…One Destination has taken a strategic decision to change its brand image to Family. Fashion. One Destination.

Research proved that the retail destination’s equity as a collective for family fashion held a large untapped opportunity and that dialing up it’s fashion equity would help strengthen the brand. Keeping this in mind, Centrepoint’s creative agency Impact BBDO devised a new communication strategy based on its strongest assets: family and the four brands that the destination housed.

Over a 5 month long process, Impact BBDO worked on repurposing the brand’s promise. As described by Saurabh Dahiya, Planning Director at Impact BBDO and Proximity Dubai: “Centrepoint has grown fast with strong fashion and family equity. However this was missing from the brand’s marketing communication. We wanted to leverage the fact that four unique brands come together to deliver an attractive family shopping experience. With the new Autumn-Winter launch campaign, we delivered both objectives and a new purpose that paved the way to Family. Fashion. One Destination”.

As described by Gautam Wadher & Aunindo Sen, Creative Directors at Impact BBDO, “Centrepoint’s circles and the four rings within them are an ownable asset. We wanted to highlight them in a larger than life manner by showcasing their products in the form of the four circles with their target audience at the heart of it all, reinforced by the new brand positioning”. Shyam Sunder, DGM Marketing at Centrepoint explains the significance of this to the brand: “The starting point for any communication is to ensure the brand identity allows it to stand out from the clutter of the competition. With the new brand campaign, we believe we have been successful in catapulting Centrepoint’s image to truly an international brand”.

Inspired by the Centrepoint circle, the look is now more vibrant with each circle representing the four concept brands available at the destination. The agency has also changed all communication to incorporate a black background to give it a more international feel.

The new brand campaign was launched with the Autumn-Winter collection on September 21 featuring a new distinct look with the brand’s circles at the core of the idea. The campaign will include print ads, TVCs and digital integration. Centrepoint has re-designed its website in accordance with the new communication and branding. It has also created social media contests that enable the user to interact with the Centrepoint brand circles.

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