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Communicate Picks #4 – Five Brands To Watch In 2020


Communicate Picks #4 – Five Brands To Watch In 2020

What do you do when you’ve fallen? When you’ve been outnumbered and down on the ground? Do you stay down or do you get back up? Communicate lists the brands that are looking to bring the fight back to the table in 2020.

Toys R Us 

Earlier this year, the famous toy retailer reincarnated from the ashes into a brand new entity. The newly formed Tru Kids Brands opened two new stores this year as a testing ground for their new marketing strategies which involves a playful in-store experience. The goal of the brand is to scale up to 10 stores by the end of 2020. The new marketing strategies involve creating “Instagram-able” experiences within the retail stores to attract families. The stores will also feature a “brand shop” area where kids can test out new products.


After facing merciless scrutiny over the misuse of user data over the past two years, the brand plans to kickstart 2020 in style. Already in the beta phase with select brands, the new e-commerce shopping checkout feature for Instagram which allows users to purchase directly from the application, is expected to create a lot of traffic for e-commerce sites. The brand is also planning to integrate its messaging platforms to simplify cross-communication.


Motorola is reviving a household name, Razr, with a new twist as its re-entry into the smartphone race after it was left for dead back in 2014. The Motorola Razr, a retro-inspired foldable smartphone comes with a faster processor and a step up in design and overall concept than your typical Motorola phones. The brand is leveraging over the current hype over foldable smartphones, created by Samsung and Huawei, its potential competitors. The brand also plans to release an extensive lineup of flagship models in 2020.


After enjoying a monopoly in the video-streaming business, the brand began to face the heat as multiple players entered the highly profitable industry of on-demand content. With a subscription-based, Ad-free business model and rising content costs, the brand will continue to thrive and expand internationally. The purchase of timeless classics such as Seinfeld and investment in more original content is a step in the right direction.


The recent acquisition of local rideshare provider, Careem along with going public this year, puts the brand in expansion mode in 2020. According to Mandeep Singh, senior equity research analyst at Bloomberg, “The company can tap its ride-sharing and food-delivery strength to branch into services such as grocery delivery that attract new users to its platform.”

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