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Eltizam Focus on Branding


Eltizam Focus on Branding

By Sharvari Alape

Eltizam Asset Management Group is ready to work on its brand recognition, said Uros Trojanovic, General Manager, Strategy & Planning at Eltizam in an interview with Communicate.

“Growth has been achieved not through brand awareness but other avenues. So in order to sustain that continued growth both in the UAE and also in other regions, we needt o work on brand awareness,” said Trojanovic.

Uros Trojanovic – Eltizam Abu Dhabi – Cooperate. Picture courtesy of Eltizam.

According to Trojanovic, he wants to represent the brand of  Eltizam as a “strong, stable partner for large asset owners across the GCC and act as a partner to protect asset value.” 

Having realized that brand awareness is one of their biggest challenges, marketing strategies are underway in the form of doubled marketing budgets and the establishment of a dedicated team along with a marketing head. 

“We do have a good reputation for delivering quality services. But it’s not enough; you have to be known in the market in order to get invited to the large tenders and projects,” Trojanovic added.

With six companies operating under the group, four of which are B2B businesses and two are B2C businesses, Trojanovic explains that each group needs different marketing strategies. Hence, the marketing team have to be an “octopus” to “serve different companies” and “different target audience.”

Alluding to the challenges of catering to different audiences through varied companies, he notes that the industry is not narrowly defined. “One client will require a certain set of services, while another client will require another set of services. So in marketing, you have to communicate generally enough so that you can cater to a very wide group of the target audience,” he explains. 

Through differing marketing strategies in place, Eltizam has set a strategical path for its B2B customers by utilizing both online and offline platforms with a mix of advertising, public relations, press releases and working on digital campaigns. 

Despite being one of the leading companies in the asset management market in the region, Trojanovic admits that they [the company] are late into the field. Hence, the company will focus on its digital marketing strategy for the next six month for its B2C customers. “Have to catch them online,” he said. 

With more focus on its marketing, Eltizam is conscious of its local and regional requirements. The potential for Arabic language marketing is on the rise in the region as brands realize the need for local engagement and sense of locality. 

With plans to expand their reach in the GCC region, he said, “my prediction is that we will require more Arabic language skill set.”

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