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Hotter Is Cooler!


Hotter Is Cooler!

Earlier this summer, Burger King Kuwait introduced a concept “Hotter is Cooler,” which aimed to interact with the temperatures in the country. 

This is not the first campaign in which the company works on interacting more with the community it lives with. Burger King and agency Memac Ogilvy has been working together to deal with the heat through different campaign in the last few years.

So we asked Burger King’s Angelos Arampatzis, Head of Marketing at Kout Food Group, the following to understand the direction of the company. 

What is Burger King marketing strategy/philosophy for Kuwait? 

We aspire to the mind-set of all of our audiences and address them with the approach of ‘Be Yourself’, there’s nothing better, don’t be pretentious, yolo.

It seems that you try to localize the content, however, you have been attacked for a few campaigns- what has been the learning lessons from these campaigns?

We try to be part of one’s life any part of the day, any moment, understanding that there’s always that special touch, that spice that makes a difference and breaks away from routine, maybe boredom. Hence the attempt to breath in fresh material that inspires the local market and people to take a step out of their safety zone and be themselves, be free. The reception of this overall mind-set has been rewarding as it helps place burger king beyond the scope of just food, which raises “our” bar and consciousness when trying to keep the momentum vigorous and continuous. It’s a happy challenge that we love to have every day!

How can data help you understand your audience in Kuwait?

It obviously helps from the perspective that as a brand, a voice and as marketers analyzing data helps us be more precise as to how we limit the waste in communication that we had in the past and be more concise, focused and clear as to whom we are addressing. This helps to drive that extra visit or order from home. So far, we have made significant leaps with how we have targeted our delivery business, with very good results.

Can you talk to us about location based marketing that burger king has been using throughout its marketing strategy worldwide?

I can only note that I’ve been aware that in some markets this approach has paid off with prospects of future usage and impact, to be in the making as definitely a tool that must be on your checklist of media mix as it’s critical to be part of one’s daily journey enticing him/her with options specially designed for that moment.

How does this marketing technique benefit your brand within Kuwait?

It helps by taking that bold step to there at the moment of truth. There is nothing better than converting impulse to sales with this approach that helps you also better understand at the moment of experience what drives one to buy specific items, when and how often they are willing to repeat the relevant purchases. Plus by understanding these audiences you get to appreciate how you can attract new audiences at better cost-efficient, effective rates, all because one carries a mobile phone 24/7, if you know what I mean.

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