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Infiniti Focuses on Human Stories


Infiniti Focuses on Human Stories

Infiniti has been telling stories in the form of advertising. For them, digitization has changed the way brands are perceived today. “People come to the show room knowing the exact car they want,” said Karsten Jankowski, General Manager of Marketing & PR at Infiniti Middle East. 

Hence, he explains that the brand uses all sort of communication channels to be able to tell a story of itself that attract customers. “We are not pushing the product anymore, but we are engaging with the brand,” he explains. 

Jankowski added that Infiniti is interested in being “enablers of progressive challenge.” He believes that stories of Infiniti are about mobility, presented to move and touch people with good messages to engage people. “It is heart-warming and emotional, at the same time it makes sense to the brand’s image,” he added.

An example of what Jankowski has been talking about is Infiniti’s campaign post women driving in Saudi Arabia. In this advertisement, the company followed a Saudi woman who lives in Dubai, driving back home to surprise her mother. The ad was part of Infiniti’s campaign “Drive Back” which according to them aimed to encourage women to drive.Within this ad, the female driver recalls her story. 

The decision to buy a car is considered an investment by many.  This kind of investments tends to take a longer decision-making process and has to be well educated. While advertisements always have been a source of targeting potential customers; in the digital world, information is readily available in the form of YouTube videos, social media platforms and company websites that provides reviews to the potential customers.

Research conducted by Brandtotal, has found that auto brands prefer Facebook and Instagram as their biggest platforms for media placement of their campaigns.

However, one of the challenges faced by these brands today is the decrease in the attention span of their audience. If they are unable to capture their audiences’ interest within the first 6 seconds, they risk losing them altogether to the skip button. Addressing the issue, Jankowski said, “to tackle this is, we have to offer communication of interest in the form of immersive communication.” He explains that their strategy has focused not only to tell information about the product, but also bring in human insights that captivates the audience.

Hence, advertisements are tailored to fit consumers behaviours throughout different points in the day. “We’re creating our content against moments of the user,” explained Jankowski. For creating relevant stories, he added, “data collected is crucial in term of gaining insights about human reactions and human perception on our stories.”

Data insights further better the marketing process by addressing issues of the right content, target audience, appropriate channels and measure of success. Jankowski was referring to data synchronization between the online and offline world to be able to understand the consumer and create the campaigns.


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