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Remembering What They Learnt


Remembering What They Learnt

Babyshop celebrates Ramadan using children’s words of hope and compassion.

At a time when many brands are trying to spread messages of solidarity and positivity, Landmark Group’s children retail store chain Babyshop hit a high note with “A World We Deserve,” a film released globally on the eve of Ramadan to, in these peculiar times, celebrate the holy month in a different way.

The video, available both in English and Arabic, breaks away from the typical Ramadan fare to share what children from nine different countries think they will remember from the Covid-19 pandemic. “People who worked on the streets, while we stayed safe at home.” “New ways to have fun.” “Everyone playing hairdresser.” The sweet statements, accompanied by an original song composed by artists from Dubai and the US for the occasion, contrast with the generally gloomy mood by tapping into the virtues of remembrance and resolve that are intrinsic to Ramadan. They also actively express Babyshop’s own mission statement: making the world a better place for every child. Indeed, the campaign comes with a series of initiatives aiming to take care of those on the frontlines and their families, supported by news platforms and influencers in the Middle East throughout Ramadan.

“Babyshop is hoping to continue to remind people about the importance of seeing the good amidst all the bad around us, about remembering the ones who sacrifice for the rest, about acknowledging the positive changes in ourselves, and about valuing the things we should hold dear; not just during Covid-19, but even when we get through this challenging phase,” says the brand.

Babyshop and FP7 McCann, that developed the campaign, also focused on remaining respectful of social distancing regulations and avoiding big production budgets synonymous with most Ramadan campaigns. The film was managed on a low budget of less than $10,000 and the entire funds, usually spent on high budget films, are being given to social initiatives and relief measures.

The film has been received with high praise, being ranked the #1 ad globally on platforms such as The Drum and AdForum.

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