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Why Honesty Is Your Best Policy In the Digital Age


Why Honesty Is Your Best Policy In the Digital Age

Rami Abughazaleh, from copywriting agency Yala Creative, explains how authenticity is everything for a brand.

  • Respect the intelligence of your customers – they will repay you.
  • Credibility, not overpromising, is the best way to set your brand apart.
  • Keep your marketing materials clear and focused on real benefits.

In a 24/7 online world, we’ve never been more inundated with content, messaging and things to buy. As someone with a product or service to market, the temptation may be to exaggerate, claim more or shout louder to stand out from the pack. Before making this common mistake, there are many good reasons to reconsider your approach.

Self-hype simply doesn’t work

Today’s consumer is marketing savvy – after all, anyone with a social media profile now has a basic grasp of promotion and branding.

If your claims sound fake or clichéd, customers are likely to notice and tune you out. If you really get it wrong, they may even share negative feedback on their network. Make no mistake about it, customers are fickle and unforgiving if they feel misled.

With so much vying for their attention, people have become desensitized to the advertising hype. Speaking in a ‘louder’ voice, especially one that rings hollow is not going to get them interested and may even harm your brand. No one likes a liar.

The best way to engage an audience is by earning their trust. How do you do that? Speak to what really sets your product or service apart without resorting to empty or boastful claims. In other words, tell the truth. Consumers appreciate a simple, down-to-earth approach because it’s credible – something honest and real in a very crowded marketplace.

Good marketing copy is catchy and confident in tone without over-hyping or making false promises. It assumes the reader is intelligent and has good judgment. It invites them to learn more about something that might really benefit them.

Clichés abound, so be unique

The best way to make a good impression is through clever creative content. That’s often as simple as a copy that sounds fresh and to the point, without resorting to the same tired vocabulary.

The GCC market is cluttered with companies using the same words to say the same things. Be brave. Trust your agency to propose something different. Their version may sound more humble than your draft, but their regional insight and experience will help craft content people actually want to read and interact with.

Remember that less is usually more

Good copywriting focuses on the things that make your brand different. Oftentimes, the most important aspects of your brand can be captured with a minimum word count, just enough to invite the reader in and engage their attention.

A common mistake made by clients is including too much, leaving their message dense and unfocused.

While you may want to squeeze in every benefit or advantage you can think of, aim instead for something that eloquently captures your unique selling propositions (USPs).c

The takeaway: keep it real

Making baseless claims is not only unethical; it will hurt your brand in the end. Good creative content helps your product or service shine without misleading customers. As a general rule, keep it real – it’s the best way to build credibility and a loyal client base.

You can follow Rami on twitter @RamiAbughazaleh.Opinions expressed in this piece belongs to the author.

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