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Renault’s Matic Babnik on glocal strategies

Matic Babnik, Renault


Renault’s Matic Babnik on glocal strategies

Matic Babnik, digital communications coordinator at Renault, conducted a workshop at Socialbakers’ annual Engage event on “Strategize globally, engage locally” focusing on global strategies and local execution especially content.

Workshop recap:

Babnik’s talk focused on the usual behavior of global corporations tendency to focus on centralized content without always considering specifics of local markets. Local clusters are often left with the choice of adapting centrally produced content which may not always create the desired level of engagement. An alternative route is to simply create locally relevant content adapted for the specific market needs. At times the latter option presents an additional workload, but also generates greater results.

Q&A with Babnik:

Is it possible that the brand may have a different positioning in certain markets?

In some aspects, yes. Even Renault globally has various tactics. For example, in Europe, it’s Group Renault; we have Renault and Dacia models. In South America, Dacia doesn’t exist but the Dacia models are available there as Renault. So, you have to look at what is the best fit for your market. We get central guidelines that we should use a specific media partner or social media platform, but those are created based on the major players within the group so the major countries such as Germany, France, UK. That might be relevant to them but not for us.

So a local strategy isn’t just about the content, it’s also about the right partners and platforms…

Exactly. If you look at social influencers, they need to not only be in line with your message but also need to fit the target group.

Any examples?

When we talk about ATL, we localize all the TVCs we get. But, with BTL, we come up with our own ideas as much as possible. Right now we are doing something for Renault Scenic targeting millennial dads to apply for a specific event and if they win they get to go there. The list differs from one country to another so the destinations aren’t the same because people have different preferences. The invitation video that we launched on social media also shows three real families – one from each country – doing different things depending on what activities they do in that market.

How much of this local insight and execution relies on data?

I’d say 70 to 80 percent. Everything we do starts with data. We use all the data we have to identify our target groups and base our idea on that. Big data is being used more and more as a retargeting strategy, but we do have a frequency cap.

Read more about the other workshops at Engage too.

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