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ARN scraps Nightline after 11 years. What’s next?


ARN scraps Nightline after 11 years. What’s next?

Nightline, the evening show on ARN’s Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, has come to an end after 11 years.

Hosted by James Piecowye, the show ran from 8 to 10pm on the channel.

Other shows too are expected to be canceled with a slew of new shows, including a night time music show to be rolled out soon.

ARN also opened new offices/studios in Dubai Studio City.

Piecowye, who is a professor at Zayed University and founder of Creative Mornings, is now going ahead with his new podcast platform.

The new platform will deliver local UAE content in both English and Arabic with both the tech and content being created in-house, says Piecowye.



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