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Automotive, From a Lifestyle Perspective


Automotive, From a Lifestyle Perspective

Regional online platform StriveME approaches the automotive industry in a different way, stepping outside of the usual technical details to grab the audience’s attention from a lifestyle perspective.

Communicate spoke with Managing Director and Co-Founder Samah Safa, to better understand what difference this strategy makes.

What is the thinking behind your editorial approach?

In order to provide proper automotive content, you need to address the general public and not just the car fanatics. Not all your audiences have the same level of understanding automotive content; thus, StriveME decided to create various types of content addressing all audiences. As a result, you will find different styles of writing and levels of information catering to the various audiences we have. For example, when we talk about electric cars, you can find technical terms about how they work and the best usage in simplified terms. Our hallmarks in creating automotive content lie in the fact that we talk to everyone, using their own language.

Why the need to target the audience from a lifestyle perspective, specifically?

Lifestyle is mainly what affects people’s buying decisions. For example, if your marital status changed from single to married, then you need to start thinking about buying marriage-related materials to suit your new lifestyle, such as a bigger car. Or, let’s say you got a new job or a new promotion and moved up to the executive level, you will also change your behavior based on your new lifestyle. Therefore, StriveME decided to talk to audiences from a lifestyle perspective and help them make the right buying decision accordingly.

What are the challenges that come along with targeting the audience through this angle?

Challenges are mainly highlighted in the fact that no other platform presents content from this angle and this is something we have to explain to all parties concerned.

Also, the fact that Strive talks to a variety of audiences means that we have to tailor-make our content to suit these audiences and at the same time maintain originality.

Could you explain in detail about the four content pillars that you’ve created?

Each of the four pillars has its own audience and caters as well to a different type of interest.

The main pillar is of course pure automotive, which by itself is split into various categories from general info to news to technicalities – all in a simplified manner adding value to our audience while entertaining them. And let’s not to forget the dedicated sections for motorcycles, electric cars and boats and private jets.

The second pillar is lifestyle, that comes hand-in-hand with cars. Here, we talk about men fashion such as watches, travel and tourism, mainly focusing on male activities and adventures; and also technology, where we tackle gaming, gadgets and main highlights of the tech industry. Our strength lies in the fact that these articles are all wrapped with an automotive flair or shared common interests.

The third is celebrity news, and not the way the audience is expecting it. We do not talk about gossips; rather, we focus on their cars and lifestyle. Similarly to the second pillar, it is celebrity news wrapped in automotive.

The fourth pillar came from the newly developed need in our market to create content that caters to the female audience, especially in Saudi Arabia. We have identified the need to provide simplified automotive information catering to the needs of females around the Arab world.

We will continue to provide new content presented in a different style; so, expect always new pillars and new style with StriveME.

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