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Diwanee launches entertainment website Mashaheeri


Diwanee launches entertainment website Mashaheeri


Regional digital publisher and media group Diwanee Media Group has launched, a specialized Arabic celebrity and entertainment portal. The portal will feature celebrity stories from the world of television, music and film, as well as breaking news and trending entertainment topics in the Middle East.

Founded in 2009, Diwanee – operating in Beirut, Belgrade, and Dubai – has grown a portfolio encompassing premium vertical sites, including luxury, lifestyle and women portals 3a2ilati, Yasmina, Atyab Tabkha, and Mooda, which, collectively, reach over seven million monthly unique visitors – with most of their strategic audience located in the GCC region.

In March, French media group Webedia – which houses several leading entertainment and lifestyle websites –  acquired a majority stake in the capital of Diwanee, injecting a five-million dollar investment into the company.

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