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DMS signs exclusive partnership with rich media specialist Screen-it By Strategies


DMS signs exclusive partnership with rich media specialist Screen-it By Strategies


Digital Media Services (DMS), which serves as the digital arm of Choueiri Group recently announced its exclusive partnership with Screen-it By Strategies, a Dubai-based rich media and digital brand experience specialist. The tie-up focuses on offering DMS’ clients creative and executive expertise in crafting rich media campaigns.

Screen-it By Strategies offers a distinct approach to modern designing, producing and launching advertising campaigns with exclusive interactive movie clips and brand stories films, which are aimed at captivating audiences and increase their engagement with brands.

“Screen-it By Strategies has developed cutting edge web visual and animation technologies delivering stunning and entertaining digital productions, with a proven ability to generate creative concepts and stories that bring digital interactive advertising and campaign strategies to life,” says the press release by DMS.

Constantly focusing on innovation and interactivity, Screen-it By Strategies invests in research and development to make the digital advertising experience exclusive, unique and seamless on both desktop and mobile platforms devices.

DMS’ chief operating officer, Michel Malkoun, expressed his views on the new partnership by stating: “our partnership with Screen-it By Strategies will enable our clients to develop highly creative and compelling ways to connect with the quality audiences they desire. Screen-it By Strategies possesses an unrivaled ability to design highly-impactful and engaging brand experiences. Rich media and interactivity maximize the potential of your brand’s valuable advertising investment. These ads become more a part of the website design than just another ad. We are very pleased to have Screen-it By Strategies onboard for the benefit of our clients and their brands.”

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