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French touch

Much Media Network connects regional production projects to Cité Numérique

A new player is joining the ever-changing Lebanese production scene, with big means and even bigger ambitions.

Launched last September, Much Media Network is the Lebanon-based exclusive representative of French production powerhouse Cité Numérique, one of the biggest studios in Europe. Much’s work will include connecting advertising agencies, production houses, media professionals and brand owners throughout the Middle East to the 10,000-square-meter French production facility. Its managing director, Alain Mansour, explains: “We believe that collaboration advances the work and brings progress beyond individual contribution, [hence] the partnership with Cité Numérique.”

The French studio will provide a range of production services, including photo and video shooting, art direction, stage design and construction, production facilities and equipment, and models and casting facilities. Specialized in (but not limited to) shooting for lifestyle and luxury brands, it boasts among its clients brands such as Les 3 Suisses, Nike, Puma and Decathlon.

Setting up shop in a country that has the region’s strongest and most respected production industry, Much may face some pretty strong competition. However, Mansour is very vocal when explaining why he believes this venture will be a success: “Much and Cité Numérique will bring to the region an added-value of exceptional production services with an outstanding and appealing visual content that has never been presented before. We’re talking about a complete European experience and expertise with studios located in the heart of Europe, where you’re almost one hour away from major cities such as Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam,” he says, adding that: “We believe that regional media professionals and agencies will have a lot to win. Our aim is not to compete with existing agencies and suppliers, but to empower them and add to their menus a new flavor. We are just bringing to the region a whole new taste: the ‘French touch’.” Similarly, Mansour continues: “We truly respect that advertising agencies might have their own in-house creative services and we welcome them to profit from our exceptional administrative services. Thus, Much schedules the flight, books the tickets and hotel stay and all logistics in France, to and from Cité Numérique.” Indeed, the new company will offer administrative services (consultancy, co-ordination, planning, follow-up and reservation), along with creative services (story-boarding, creativity, copywriting and art direction).

However, Much Media Network’s tasks won’t stop at playing middleman. “Much Media Network’s aim is to invest in TV content, digital services, e-commerce, online magazines and innovative virtual startups to provide high-quality content to the region. We make use of media technology, business and innovative marketing strategies to establish and offer a solid ground for rich media services,” says Mansour, who concludes with his seemingly unwavering confidence: “Much Media Network will take the media and production industry one step ahead.”

Time will tell and Communicate Levant will certainly be watching.

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