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Say Hello to a Brand New Shahid


Say Hello to a Brand New Shahid

As the streaming war makes its way into the MENA region, platforms hit the drawing board to find out new ways to gain the viewer’s attention. In the midst of this ongoing battle, Shahid unveils its brand new look. Last night, at an exclusive event at the Dubai Opera in Downtown Dubai, Communicate witnessed Shahid’s newly supplied arsenal for 2020. As part of the unveiling, Shahid’s new slogan: “It’s Our Time” took center stage, illuminating the Burj Khalifa along with a complete makeover of the brand logo.

Shahid, which was the Arab world’s first video on demand platform launched in 2010, will now feature 3,000 hours of content from entertainment companies, Disney and Fox. Also announced was a partnership with global music streaming platform, Spotify.

The streaming service has also added two new channels, Shahid Premieres and Shahid Originals. The former will focus on first-look exclusives from the world of cinema and television and will premiere them ahead of MBC. The latter will focus on providing original Arabic content, produced by MBC studios, in both long-form as well short-form format. The mission is to tell bolder, intelligent and provocative stories with strong, gritty and multidimensional characters who are relatable to the Arab audience as stated by Johannes Larcher, managing director of digital at MBC, during his keynote speech. The short-form originals are aimed at young digital audiences while the long-form originals are ultra-premium full-length TV series, created in collaboration with leading names and creative minds in the industry.

Shahid has also included nine HD channels from MBC, live streaming as well as a catch-up service.

During his opening speech, MBC Group Chairman Waleed Al-Ibrahim commented, “As we look ahead, we strive to take control of our own narratives, showcasing our stories to the rest of the world through the very best in original films, series, and other media content, produced and marketed via MBC studios. We’re immensely proud to provide the region with an advanced digital platform that is on par with the best in the world. Shahid is a global brand that is worth watching.”

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