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Sayidaty revamps its look


Sayidaty revamps its look

Lifestyle magazine, Sayidaty, published weekly in Arabic and monthly in English, has launched a new look in June, including an overhaul in content and layout, as part of its policy to introduce changes every three years.

Mohammad Fahad Al-Harthi, Sayidaty’s editor-in-chief, says: “The revamp was based on questionnaires, published in the magazine and on its website, in addition to a special team of consultants who distributed questionnaires to different groups of students, teachers and employees, in addition to others.” The surveys included a variety of different categories, and were examined by the magazine’s Saudi Arabia office.

A new section targeting teenagers and university students titled “Aanisaty” (My Lady) came after an in-depth look at the needs of young readers, who are playing a major role in strengthening the relationship between the magazine and its digital platforms.

The weekly edition will also have a special section dedicated to prominent women in the Arab world, particularly the Gulf region, to offer the new generation role models.

Sayidaty is among the top leading female Arabic media in the Middle East, along with Jamalouki, Zahrat El Khaleej and Haya; the latter published by Communicate’s own Mediaquest.

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