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Twitter changes pricing model for advertisers


Twitter changes pricing model for advertisers


Twitter has introduced new tools for what it calls “objective-based campaigns”, offering four new ways in which advertisers can buy ads on the social media platform. Previously, ad buyers worked on a cost-per-engagement model, paying for promoted tweets only when users interacted with them – a click, reply, retweet or ‘favorite’.

Now, advertisers can opt to pay on engagements to capture new followers, conversions to an external website, app installs or user email addresses. The new model is intended to net more ad dollars for Twitter and expand on its young product offering. Under Twitter’s updated campaign tools, advertisers can continue to buy on an engagement basis.

They can toss a paid ad into multiple measurement buckets as well, but Twitter’s sales team will push them to select one metric per campaign, a person close to the company says. Twitter posted a strong second quarter this year, reporting $277 million in ad revenues.

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