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Why is Chris Hemsworth in the Bayut Campaign?


Why is Chris Hemsworth in the Bayut Campaign?

We have all seen the ad and some of us have questioned, why Chris Hemsworth. Here is  Sahar Khan, Marketing Director, Bayut answering us.

Why was Chris Hemsworth chosen for such a ‘high impact advertising campaign’? What were the winning factors that made him an ideal brand ambassador for Bayut?

When we first thought of doing this campaign, we were keen to represent the UAE and Bayut in the best way possible. So delivering something ‘high impact’ was certainly on the agenda, but along with that, we also wanted to bring on someone who would be instantly recognizable for the multicultural audience in Dubai. 

We think everyone would agree that Chris Hemsworth is the perfect fit for such a commercial; his universal appeal and charismatic personality add a certain edge to the campaign. Having worked with him, we can also attest to his incredible work ethic, commitment and attention to detail, all of which echo with our own brand ethos. He is also known to be careful when it comes to choosing his projects, which aligns with our own approach when it comes to our products and services. We devote a lot of time and research to give users and clients the best features and experience possible. We are market leaders today because we have chosen to create our own path and not follow any established norms.

Aside from the star being involved across video, radio, print and on billboards across Sheikh Zayed Road, what other marketing activities is Hemsworth planned to do in Dubai, if any? 

At Bayut, we love to bring you the unexpected, so rest assured that we will be following this up with more exciting initiatives that will give both Bayut and the UAE, the right global exposure and appeal.

What were the goals the company envisioned for this advert and featuring such a high-profile star from a real estate point of view? 

The goal of this commercial was to create a powerful brand statement and showcase the universal appeal of living and investing in the UAE.

We enjoy a beautiful blend of modern conveniences and rich traditional values while living in this city; a unique lifestyle that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. It was a conscious decision to juxtapose the swanky cityscapes of Dubai with the quintessential Emirati traditions of Oud music and falconry in the video. The reality is that you could be zipping through the streets of Dubai in a bright red Ferrari and enjoying a hot cup of Arabic coffee in the rolling deserts, all in the span of a few hours

Why was September a good time to release the advert?

The whole idea behind the campaign was to deliver a compelling brand image with maximum impact. So we wanted to release it when everyone was back in town after school holidays, summer vacation and other commitments. Being a data-centric company, we always study marketing trends in the region to get us the best visibility. It’s evident that we were not wrong with our approach; the video, the billboards and the radio ads have become the talk of the town within such a short span!

How long did it take to shoot the advert and tell me more about the locations chosen in the video? 

There was a lot of planning leading up to the shoot, but the actual set-up/filming was completed in just two days. We selected some of the most stunning deserts near Al Qudra and the gorgeous beach-facing villas on Palm Jumeirah for the shoot, to best showcase the distinctive lifestyle in the UAE. We went with The Animal Agency, to provide us with the beautiful Arabian horse and the falcon featured in the video.

Back in July, you appointed entrepreneur and technology leader Haroon Rashid as CEO to lead the expansion in Saudi Arabia. So, what else is next for Bayut? 

Let’s just say that Bayut likes the spotlight and will always stay ahead of the curve, whether it’s for a new feature launch, acquisition, a one of a kind event or brand campaign. We strive to innovate and come up with things that are always original and out of the ordinary. You can expect to hear our next big announcement soon! 

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