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A closer look at Impact BBDO’s app to help Alzheimer patients for Samsung


A closer look at Impact BBDO’s app to help Alzheimer patients for Samsung

Down memory lane

This March, Impact BBDO’s Tunisia operation, 3GS BBDO, launched an app to help Alzheimer patients for Samsung Electronics Tunisia as part of Samsung’s CSR program “Helping People for a Better Life”.

Today, there are 35 million people worldwide suffering from Alzheimer’s and this figure is expected to double in the next 20 years. And yet there’s no treatment that can cure the disease completely. However, recent studies have shown that stimulating the mind in the form of regular reminders of past events that rejuvenate the patient’s memory could potentially delay the progression of the disease. Samsung approached 3GS BBDO with the task of coming up with fresh ideas that would portray it as a responsible brand.

Armed with this insight, the agency thought Samsung is a power tool for content creation and today, all of our memories are saved on our everyday devices. So could we use this technology that we’re connected with throughout the day for mental stimulation? And thus, The Backup Memory Project was born. The campaign started in June 2014 with the launch of a film introducing the idea and aimed at those from the medical fraternity in order to engage them in the ideation process. Once the app was designed, it was submitted to the Google Play Store in March 2015 and the second online film was released consequently. The app will be available on the Samsung Global Scale from the first week of May.

The app targets people suffering from the disease as well as their families. Once it is downloaded and all user information entered – including that of friends and family – it uses Bluetooth technology to send a push notification to the user when someone enters their intimacy zone – within a radius of 12 meters. Users can view their relationship with that person as well as any related memories, photos and videos. Another feature of the app stimulates users’ memory through geolocation when they visit any place that may be significant to them such as their school, office, etc.

The app aims to not only make the lives of patients easier, but also their families by reducing the need for them to introduce themselves over and over again.

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