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Aegis Media study highlights consumer attitudes in Morocco


Aegis Media study highlights consumer attitudes in Morocco

Media network Aegis Media has announced the Moroccan results of it globally Consumer Connection System (CCS); a research, that studies consumer attitudes towards the most important media channels and how they engage and use any touch point that can influence buying behavior.

Within Morocco, it was clearly evident that TV is still king in regards to generating word of mouth marketing along with digital communications. The study revealed that over 50% of Moroccan consumers are more likely to start conversations as a direct result of watching a TV advertisement, with 40% of consumers regularly searching for information via the internet immediately upon seeing something of interest on TV.

It is no surprise that social networking sites are the most important digital touch point, but CCS highlights that there is still potential for growth. For instance, 48% of Moroccan consumers are active on various social media channels, with the majority, 36%, considering themselves as digital authors who write or comment on blogs and forums at least once a week. When this is compared to the UAE at 74% and 58% respectively, this shows the burgeoning shoots of potential.

Interesting insights into the Out Of Home space has revealed that 71% of Moroccan consumers claim that OOH touch points such as billboards, posters and digital screens  actually assists them in acquiring brand awareness, while 64% of consumers regularly recall OHH advertising  on the streets and roads.


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