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Al-Futtaim Motors launches the Toyota FJ Cruiser Xtreme with a 4DX commercial


Al-Futtaim Motors launches the Toyota FJ Cruiser Xtreme with a 4DX commercial


For the launch of the flagship Toyota FJ cruiser four-by-four limited edition model, Xtreme, Al-Futtaim Motors, the automotive brand’s exclusive distributor in the UAE, has launched the first 4DX commercial in the region in Vox Cinemas in late March.

Owned and developed by South Korean company, CJ 4DPLEX, 4DX is a motion picture technology that enables environmental effects augmentation, offering viewers a multi-sensory experience of motion, scents, mist, and wind, alongside video and audio – the technology was introduced commercially in 2009 with the release of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in Seoul, South Korea.

The Xtreme launch commercial – which falls under a larger campaign created by Al Futtaim Motors’ marketing and advertising agency, Gmasco, and revolving around the concept of defying conventions – is a collaborative effort between Gmasco and Muddville, a Dubai-based production company that is specialized in 3D TVCs.

“Our challenge was to get young FJ fans from the Emirati and expatriate communities to virtually experience this proposition, believe it and subsequently, live it,” says Shaun Thomas, creative director at Gmasco. The idea, he adds, was “to create a 4DX commercial to run along the blockbuster movie Need for Speed in the UAE VOX cinemas. We wanted to get the audience to experience all the thrills, bumps, jumps and intensity of the FJ Xtreme driving experience, from the comfort of their unconventional cinema seats.” Muddville was therefore commissioned with the production of a commercial that would, for the majority of its 30-second time span, virtually place the Vox Cinema audience members inside the FJ Xtreme.

The FJ Cruiser Xtreme offers an upgrade to the extreme off-road and desert driving experience of Toyota’s flagship FJCruise. The model will be made available for only 200 customers.


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