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Does MAC’s Suhoor look video deserve the criticism?

MAC Ramadan


Does MAC’s Suhoor look video deserve the criticism?

MAC recently released a “Suhoor look” video on YouTube and Instagram, although the YouTube video is now deleted. The video has been receiving a lot of flak on social media from users around the world for commercializing Ramadan (even though that ship has sailed) and for creating a ‘suhoor’ make up look.

Below are some of the comments:



But, as other users pointed out Suhoor is a time of celebration and meeting up with loved ones and people do want to get dressed up for it.


Understanding the cultural nuances of the country you’re working in is always important in advertising – more so, in Ramadan.

The users criticizing the video are most likely not living in the Middle East, which explains why they are unaware of the Suhoor festivities. While the video has received support from women in the region, the brand could have perhaps done better with its targeting.

At the time of writing, MAC had not responded to Communicate‘s request for comment.

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