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Fancy a sun-flame grilled Whopper? Head to Kuwait


Fancy a sun-flame grilled Whopper? Head to Kuwait

Burger King, which is known for its flame-grilled Whopper sandwiches, flipped the temperature on its signature sandwiches in the Middle East.

The region is known for soaring temperatures of up to 50°Celsius in the summer and has often led to YouTube videos of people trying to cook an egg and such on the hood of their car.

But now, a brand – BurgerKing – jumped in by creating a piece of equipment that would use the sunlight and heat in Kuwait to sun-flame grill its Whopper.

The chain served these Whopper sandwiches to guests at one of its flagship restaurants; Sadiq branch on Damascus Street. The company declined to comment on the number of burgers served, only saying, “served to numerous surprised customers over a period of a day.”



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