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From storytelling to story ‘shaping’: how one brand is changing stories


From storytelling to story ‘shaping’: how one brand is changing stories

With the rise of smartphones and social media, everyone is a storyteller. Just a quick Google search for the term ‘storytelling,’ will throw up hundreds of results.

But now, this brand is turning storytelling into what it calls ‘story-doing’ the Story Shapers Program.

The program, launched by Canon Middle East at STEP Conference earlier this year, aims to support individuals by bringing their stories to life. It will teach aspiring photographers how to create powerful imagery in different scenarios and equip them to effectively narrate these stories through images.

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“With the soaring popularity of social media, the way we create and interact with photography has evolved. Everyone today, in some way or other, is a photographer, telling their stories using images, whether to a large audience or to a closed circle,” explains Binoj Nair, senior manager – B2C Marketing & Direct Sales, Canon Middle East.

Every year Canon will select the top ‘Story Shapers’ through a contest. The storytellers will embark on several adventurous activities throughout the year, accompanied by an experienced Canon trainer to assist in capturing these experiences while also building their skills in action and adventure photography.

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“At Canon, we want to champion the art of storytelling through images, and with the launch of this program, we are enabling ‘story-doing’ to help participants learn the best ways of storytelling with Canon products experts,” adds Nair.

The winners of this year’s edition will be participating in four activities taking place once every two months throughout the year, each calling for a unique photography skillset. Each of these adventures are selected to ensure the participants learn various techniques to capture stories in different environments, including taking aerial images in a hot air balloon flight, shooting under water, capturing images in the dark and creating exciting stories during a zip-lining experience.

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