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HSBC and J. Walter Thompson help mums re-enter the workforce


HSBC and J. Walter Thompson help mums re-enter the workforce

Returning to work after going on maternity leave can seem stressful and challenging to many mothers.


To encourage them, HSBC bank in the UAE teamed up with J. Walter Thompson and launched the “I Recommend Mum” campaign, aimed specifically at supporting mothers who plan to return to work after taking a break.


“It’s a human truth and that’s why it was so good. [I] loved the idea and the emotional strategy behind it,” Marco Bezerra, executive creative director at J. Walter Thompson Dubai, said in a statement.


“My mum had to give up her career and it was hard for her getting back to work.  The seamless synergy between planning and creatives was key in this successful initiative,” Bezerra added.


The campaign video addresses the challenges mothers face when looking to re-enter the business world, with children as the spokespeople, providing recommendations and vouching for mothers who had taken a “break” from their careers.


The different elements of the video shed light on the accomplishments these mothers have achieved during their time away from the office.


On the ground, HSBC is showing its support for mothers by hosting three free workshops on resume writing and interview skills; the initiative received more than 450 applications submitted by interested candidates.


This is especially relevant, with the UAE’s government placing emphasis on further empowering women in the workforce, especially with the much-anticipated Expo 2020 being just around the corner.

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