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Life may be unfair but this Saudi brand is making it “a lot fairer”


Life may be unfair but this Saudi brand is making it “a lot fairer”

When was the last time you marched into a sports shop and demanded money back for a dumbbell you couldn’t lift? Or negotiated a refund for an early checkout?

Sounds ridiculous? It is. A little unfair? Maybe.

Enter Jawwy.

STC’s youth-targeted digital mobile brand aims to make life a lot fairer in its latest campaign featuring actor Khaled Jasmi.

In a series of four prank videos, Jasmi walks into a hotel, gym, restaurant and car rental company demanding refunds for unused products/services from unsuspecting shopkeepers in four candid videos.

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Why? Because let’s be fair… why pay for something you haven’t used?

And so, Jawwy will refund whatever part of the base plan the customer doesn’t use –minutes or data – to their account.

Jasmi’s acting is natural and candid with hidden cameras capturing the reactions of the shopkeepers and even passers-by with Jasmi largely improvising from a loose script.

The campaign, “Life’s a lot fairer with Jawwy,” is digital-only and together the four videos have already amassed close to 646,000 views on YouTube.

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It has been created by FP7’s Dubai and Riyadh teams. The agency has held the account since its launch in 2015 and retained it in 2017. The contract is set to expire in 2019.

Jawwy’s parent company STC works with J. Walter Thompson for its consumer and corporate accounts.

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