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STC’s “No Tobacco” campaign reaches two billion impressions globally


STC’s “No Tobacco” campaign reaches two billion impressions globally

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) worked with Starcom to launch its latest “No Tobacco” campaign across platforms including in-mall, outdoor, digital and social channels.

Saudi Arabians consume around 99 tons of tobacco every year resulting in the country ranking among the top 10 countries for tobacco consumption, according to the WHO. In addition, official statics shows that around 45 percent of male over 15 years of age smoke, and that 72 people die because of smoking every day and 23,000 every year.

WHO’s No Tobacco Day, May 31, marked the official launch of the campaign using the hashtag #طلقها (#divorceher).

While it was a multi-platform campaign, the social channels drove the most conversation. This was also the first campaign in the region to use the beta version of the video-integrated Twitter feature. At the end the video, a tweet button prompts users to share their opinions with the consequent dialog box already populated with the hashtag. The promoted hashtag went on to become one of the top trending in KSA on the first day itself.

The campaign caught the eye of different healthcare organizations, media channels and largely influencers, who helped in the organic growth of the campaign, both online and offline. The support of the influencers was crucial as they became the defendants of the hashtag when it was met with negative feedback due to the unsavory connotations of the “divorce her” message.

Overall, the campaign saw an 80 percent positive sentiment in the users engaged. In one day the campaign created 78 million impressions on all platforms, 58 million only on Twitter, three million views on the official video, and reached 10 million people in a population of 29 million people. In addition, after six days, the campaign created 99 million impressions on all platforms, 76 million only on Twitter, five million views on the official video, and reached 16 million people.

A total of 47 thousand tweeters used the official hashtag, which is seven times higher than the average regional mention rate of a brand-initiated hashtag. Moreover, 13 thousand users pledged to the campaign using the sentence أنا أدعم حملة #طلقها, and Starcom scored an engagement rate of ten percent, which is three times higher than the average regional engagement rate of a brand-initiated hashtag.

“We continue to push the boundaries for our clients, even for well engaging brands like STC that is already established in the market and the community,” says Ramzi Ghanem, executive vice-president of Publicis Media, KSA. “We are very proud to be part of “Tallegha”, which is a great example of creating meaningful experiences that build brands and enhance lives, while also achieving phenomenal results.”


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