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This bank is urging Lebanese SMEs to embrace fear


This bank is urging Lebanese SMEs to embrace fear

One of the common things entrepreneurs feel is fear. But fear is good. Because you’re only afraid when you truly love something.

Or so says Byblos Bank’s latest campaign “Fear is Beautiful”.

Throughout summer, Byblos Bank is reaching out to entrepreneurs in Lebanon and letting them know that their dreams and hopes can be realized even in times of uncertainty. In Lebanon, the economic uncertainty has affected the mindset of some people, who are more hesitant to take risks and keep delaying their entrepreneurial aspirations. Recognizing this, Byblos Bank decided to launch ‘Business Solutions,’ a new business product platform encouraging entrepreneurs to take control of their business dreams.

Some of the features of the product include mentorship, expansion loans, point of sale payment optimization (online and offline) and other services that can truly help SME owners in taking their businesses to the next level.

The campaign was launched through a film on social media. The brand intentionally decided not to give any product information at the beginning of the campaign, as it wanted to focus on striking an emotional chord. Once that was done, says the brand, it launched a website providing additional product information, multiple loan simulators, tips and advice on how to properly launch or expand their business, along with outdoor ads communicating the various product offerings.


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