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12-year-old Saudi girl tackles bullying in Alwaleed Philanthropies campaign


12-year-old Saudi girl tackles bullying in Alwaleed Philanthropies campaign

In collaboration with Al Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah Schools and 12-year-old student Sara, Alwaleed Philanthropies partnered with independent Saudi-based agency Bold to conduct a social experiment, which saw Sara embody the personality of “Badriyah”.

Badriyah’s online persona was created via Instagram as that of a geeky teenager and the profile received various bullying comments on Badriyah’s appearance. This went on for months before Sara/Badriyah brought the online persona to life when to moved to Al Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah Schools for an on-ground version of the social experiment.

Sara revealed the true nature of the campaign receiving much positive feedback with audiences sharing their own stories of bullying. As an extension of the campaign, Alwaleed Philanthropies also created an app as a “safe zone” for kids to share their stories.



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