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BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Leila Kanaan


BLOM Bank – Director’s Cut by Leila Kanaan

BLOM Bank and its agency Impact BBDO teamed up with four of Lebanon’s renowned directors: Philippe Aractingi, Chadi Younes, Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad, to create short three- to four-minute clips to show what peace of mind means to different people.

We spoke to the directors to understand more about what inspired their video. Here’s what Leila Kanaan said:

Leila Kanaan

Leila Kanaan

What is the main theme/message of your video or rather, what is the “expression” being conveyed?

When you work very hard to reach your peace of mind, whatever it might be, you sometimes forget what you’re truly working for. In this little story, when a model mom’s efforts seem ruined by a headache combined to an in-laws invasion, she realizes that for once, her daughter’s happiness can also come from life events she hasn’t meticulously planned for…

How is it relevant to BLOM Bank?

The idea clearly expressed here is that even when you think everything went wrong and a situation cannot be fixed, someone who cares will lend a helping hand and guide you towards a happy ending. Which is exactly what BLOM Bank indirectly, metaphorically promises to its customers.

Was there any personal story that inspired this video?

Yes, the mother’s relation to motherhood is based on my personal approach, and the daughter is actually my own.


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