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As 48% say they’d give up social media for sleep, IKEA unveils its nap truck

IKEA Nap Truck


As 48% say they’d give up social media for sleep, IKEA unveils its nap truck


a massive thank you to IKEA for the concept!


here are all the details:

The Nap Truck will be on route every day from Feb 22nd till March 6th. It’ll be available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. Roaming from 10 am – 10 pm in three prime locations each day.


there’s some solid research justifying the movement.

According to IKEA’s study in the UAE, for an extra hour in bed each day,

48% would give up social media


1 in 4 would give up their own partner

Most of it is technology’s fault because,

50% look at their phone before they speak to their partner in the morning


On average, 60% will look at an electronic device within five minutes of waking up!

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And lastly,

IKEA is going big on “sleep”. Vinod Jayan, managing director – IKEA UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman says, “Sleep is a very emotive subject, it’s personal to all of us and something that we are very protective of. But with busy lives and technology always by our side, we can sometimes struggle to get the quality hours we need to wake up feeling refreshed and revived.”

Despite getting the required amount of sleep each night, nearly half wake up in the night regularly. The poll also revealed that one in three believe they miss out on many hours of sleep and if they could, they would take back an equivalent of two and half weeks’ worth of sleep a year.

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“At IKEA we believe that to enhance your sleep and relaxation, you don’t need to give up the things you love most in life, but it is important to not only focus on the mattress and bed that you choose, but also the surroundings of where you sleep,” Jayan adds.

The brand has been engaging with quite a few sleepy heads on Twitter as you’ll see below.


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