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WATCH: This ad wants to put you to sleep


WATCH: This ad wants to put you to sleep

It seems that this year not many in the UAE are getting enough sleep.

[Tweet ” UAE residents are so sleep deprived that 48% would give up social media & 1 in 4 would even give up their partner.”]

And so, IKEA has made it its mission to help people sleep better.

Earlier this year, the Swedish brand launched its “Nap Truck” that went around the UAE, inviting people to hop it for a quick 20-minute nap.

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And now, building on that research, IKEA has introduced the SÖMNIG – meaning “sleepy” in Swedish – range of beds and mattresses to help facilitate better sleep.

The aim of the ad announcing SÖMNIG was to do what the range does: put people to sleep. And so, in a innovative use of print media, IKEA’s creative agency, Memac Ogilvy Dubai, came up with this campaign.

It’s an interesting, and bold, move by the company and agency to utilize print media to create a sensory experience instead of, for instance, creating a white noise app.




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