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Competitors react to Apple’s latest announcement


Competitors react to Apple’s latest announcement


Criticize it, rave about it, or try and mimic it; if there’s one thing you can’t do, it’s ignore it. Quite obviously, we’re talking about the tech giant, Apple and more specifically, its slew of new releases earlier today: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. While consumer sentiment ranged from excitement to cynicism, we were curious to see other mobile brands react to the announcement of the “best iPhone yet” and the “most intimate device Apple has created”. Scroll down to see what they said:


Samsung didn’t get into the mud fight. It stayed classy and under-key. Except the part where it either forgot or didn’t care too much, about the quite prominent ‘Promoted by’ tag right below the trend.

SAMSUNG india trendSAMSUNG us trends


At least it was witty


While it started off being subtle, clearly things got personal too soon



There’s a reason it is last on the list


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