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Facebook: MENA active daily users surpass 28 million, 50% return daily


Facebook: MENA active daily users surpass 28 million, 50% return daily

Facebook has revealed for the first time official figures showing the number of people who use the service throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Every month, 56 million people are active on Facebook across the MENA region, with 50% of those returning on a daily basis.  The number of active daily users surpassed 28 million in the region. The company also released data on the number of people connecting to Facebook on mobile devices, where 33 million people in MENA use a phone or tablet to access to the service every month, while the number of daily active users on mobile has reached 15 million.

Jonathan Labin, head of Facebook in the Middle East and Africa regions, said, “The high level of mobile use is interesting as we have worked to optimize the Facebook experience on as many devices as possible.  Research has shown that people who access Facebook from a phone or tablet tend to be even more engaged that those on desktop, whether that is interacting with friends and family or connecting with the places and businesses that they care about.”

It is perhaps not surprising that many MENA users have taken to accessing Facebook via mobile given the region’s love of phones and tablets.  People in the GCC are particularly well connected with a mobile connectivity rate of 196% – an average of two SIM cards per person.

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, marketers have started to look for better digital platforms that allow them to reach the right people at the appropriate time. While traditional media has provided consumers for years with the scale; however, the flexibility to reach more targeted people was a major challenge.


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