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Facebook MENA appoints client partner for the retail and eCommerce channels


Facebook MENA appoints client partner for the retail and eCommerce channels


Facebook announced today the appointment of Narain Jashanmal as client partner, Retail and eCommerce for the MENA region. He will be responsible for leading Facebook’s retail and eCommerce sales in the region, and for positioning Facebook as the preferred media platform among senior executives in the industry.

Narain Jashanmal brings with him over 10 years of experience in the regional retail industry. He previously held the post of general manager at Jashanmal Group, responsible for over 25 retail outlets under the brand. This has given him valuable experience and an established network in the regional retail sector.

“As the MENA region continues to develop its retail and eCommerce capabilities, I am confident Narain will add value to Facebook’s existing network of partnerships across the region through utilizing over 10 years of market know-how and solid track record of achieving set objectives,” said Jonathan Labin, head of Facebook for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.





Narain Jashanmal began his career in the media industry as an independent filmmaker, where he co-produced, directed, edited feature films, and wrote a number of screenplays between New York, London and Mumbai. After joining the Jashanmal Group in 2004 as department store manager, Narain climbed up the corporate ladder to become the company’s General Manager in 2007. His passion for marketing and digital media led him to setup the Group’s eCommerce and digital marketing division.

Narain Jashanmal is a frequent panelist and a public speaker on topics related to retail, technology and the print media sector.

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