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Ipsos Egypt reaffirms complete research transparency in Egyptian market


Ipsos Egypt reaffirms complete research transparency in Egyptian market

In a statement issued by Ipsos Egypt today, the company reaffirmed its complete transparent research methods and advanced technologies to derive accurate results, in adherence to international quality control standards. In addition, the company has confirmed its position on taking legal action against any baseless accusations that defame both its name and its client’s reputations.

Ipsos has been operating in Egypt since 2006, as a fully established legal entity, following all local regulations, with all necessary licenses to operate in its field of expertise. It has over 140 highly-skilled Egyptian employees making up the team. Since its founding, it has and continues to work with local Egyptian companies, as well as regional and international firms operating in Egypt.

Globally, it is one of the three largest research companies, conducting research in more than 85 countries around the world, of which, 15 of these countries are located in the MENA region, covering 20 markets. Ipsos has been operating in the region for more than a quarter of a century, via its local offices.

“Due to the size and diversity existent in the MENA market, we have fully functional offices in 15 countries in the region, covering 20 markets. Egypt is one such market, unique in its size and population and our local presence is integral contributing to the total market landscape,” said Edouard Monin, Chairman and CEO of Ipsos MENA. “Both local and international companies choose to work with us, due to our proven track record of accuracy in results, our highly transparent research methods, as well as our professionalism, shared across countries,” he added.

The company is also entrusted by multi-national businesses, governmental entities, as well as some of the biggest TV corporations and media agencies globally, as the reference in research methods.

The accuracy and transparency of Ipsos Egypt’s results are strengthened by the internal audits that the firm conducts, as well as the commissioning of external auditors to conduct thorough reviews of all facts and figures published by the firm. This practice is shared by other large research firms across the globe.

“We have no interest in manipulating or tweaking the research results to suit any personal or business interests, as this goes against the values and principles of the firm, as well as the dedicated team. Quite the contrary, we pride ourselves on providing a snapshot of the current market situation, to better serve our clients,” said Dr. Amr Kais, Managing Director, Ipsos Egypt. “We continually work alongside our clients, who personally choose us to measure the market trends, and have confidence in our credibility. They continually and frequently visit our offices to oversee how we deploy research methods and derive results from our work. To date, we have not had any complaints from our clients, especially from those that have raised questions about our results in Egypt in the past few days,” he added.

As is commonly known, advertising expenditure on various media channels differs. Advertising expenditure is solely based on the marketing plans and budgets that the advertising firms and the clients in specific, put in place in order to reach their target audiences in the most effective manner. Ipsos, whether in its local offices or international offices, have absolutely no say or decision in this process.

Ipsos Egypt has reiterated its commitment to preserving the company’s reputation, for the sake of its clients who entrust the firm to conduct research in respective markets. The company has also confirmed that it will take harsh legal action against any party that defames the company’s reputation for personal reasons, without any valid justification.

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