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Ipsos Egypt releases statement


Ipsos Egypt releases statement

The following press release has been issued on behalf of Ipsos Egypt:

  • Ipsos is one of the three largest research companies in the world. It conducts research in more than 85 countries across the globe, of which, 20 of these countries are located in the MENA region. Ipsos has been operating in the MENA region for more than a quarter of a century.
  • Ipsos began operating in Egypt in 2006, and since it has served as a reference point in the realm of research, serving many international and local companies since its founding.
  • Its global ranking status is a result of the trust which Ipsos’ global and regional partners have put in it. The company also does business with private and governmental entities, as well as some of the biggest TV corporations and media agencies globally.
  • Ipsos has extensive experience in several fields which include entertainment, businesses and marketing, and uses the latest technologies to conduct its research. It also conducts audits both internally and through external parties to ensure the accuracy of their results.
  • Research topics and the results that Ipsos publishes are by no means linked to the interests of any company or organization. Rather they accurately reflect the current market rankings.
  • Ipsos, as well as other research firms, are audited by global specialized audit firms in this field, to ensure the accuracy of their published results. In addition, several clients frequently visit the Ipsos offices, to oversee the accuracy of the results being produced.
  • As is commonly known, advertising expenditure on various media channels differs. Expenditure is solely based on the marketing plans and budgets, advertising firms and the clients themselves put in place in order to reach their target audiences in the most effective manner. Ipsos has no say or decision in this process.
  • There are several companies operating in Egypt, that are in the same field as Ipsos, and on that basis, when a client chooses Ipsos, or any other firm, this is a personal decision taken by advertisers, media companies and so on, based on their trust in the respective research company.

Based on the above, Ipsos is inclined to and will take legal action against any party that defames the company’s reputation for personal reasons, without any valid justification.

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