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Jaguar MENA releases episode 3 of ‘Forward Thinker’ series


Jaguar MENA releases episode 3 of ‘Forward Thinker’ series

Jaguar MENA has recently released the third film in series entitled “Forward Thinker”, which features Saudi fashion house Lomar’s founder, Loai Naseem.

To celebrate the company’s expansion and vehicle line-up across the region, Jaguar’s “Forward Thinker” series was launched to challenge the perceptions of innovation with the use of creative content. As part of the brand’s “Art of Performance” platform, “Forward Thinkers” has collaborated with individuals from the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon and KSA.

“Design is the foundation stone to any product you want to use or manufacture”, says Naseem in a statement to the press. He was selected for the campaign to represent the region’s entrepreneurs who are looking to break out of traditional industries with passion and innovation at the center of their products and services.

Click here to watch the full ‘Forward Thinker’ episode with Loai Naseem on the Jaguar MENA YouTube channel.

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