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JWT’s latest report highlights dreams of Arab Millennial


JWT’s latest report highlights dreams of Arab Millennial

Advertising agency JWT MENA released a new report titled “Summer Voltage deep dive” that provides interesting facts about the dreams and aspirations of Arab youth.

It aims to show “how the archetype of Arab Millennial is evolving beyond being material collectors to experience collectors.”

Polls were carried out in six key MENA markets – KSA, Egypt, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon – across 180 males and females aged between 18 and 35.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 54 percent would rather fall in love than become a Youtube star
  • 83 percent would rather win a new car than gain 20,000 followers on a social media account
  • 79 percent of them look for new experiences to enjoy, which provides stimulation (particularly high among Egyptian Millennial, with 81 percent)
  • Millennial are looking to share real connections with others and carve out private spaces in their lives, where living publically has become the default
  • 89 percent of Arabs are making a conscious choice to live better (by improving their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing).
  • The rising cost of living remains their biggest concern (highest in Lebanon and UAE).
  • Egyptian youth appear to revere social Klout more than the rest of the region

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