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Kantar report unveils the “Billionaire Club” for brands


Kantar report unveils the “Billionaire Club” for brands

The first-ever worldwide ranking of global brands, the Brand Footprint Report, launched by Kantar Worldpanel, indicates that even leading brands have room for improvement in certain markets. The brand ranking reveals that thirteen global brands are being chosen by consumers more than one billion times a year- and this gives them a place in the “Billionaire Club”.

Kantar’s list of lead brands, dubbed “Billionaire Brands”, ranks the most chosen FMCG brands based on a unique calculation of penetration and frequency that is fast being held out as a vital tool in helping manufacturers better understand their global footprint in terms of actual basket reach. It also pinpoints the regions that represent the biggest growth opportunities.

Josep Montserrat, Global CEO of Kantar Worldpanel, said that prospects remain bright in certain markets and segments, particularly in the health and beauty sectors. “Our research reveals that penetration is key but it’s not everything as high frequency needs to be in the mix,” explained Montserrat.  “Similarly ‘success’ is not synonymous with ‘global’, as brands can achieve powerful traction without a worldwide presence as consumers look to buy local products, particularly when it comes to food.”

The Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint Report reveals the strength of brands in 32 countries from four continents (Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America) and in over 832 million households, across the food, beverage, health and beauty and homecare sectors. It uses an insightful new metric called Consumer Reach Points which for the first time measures how many households around the world are buying a brand – or its penetration  and how often – or the number of times shoppers acquire the brand.

Montserrat said that several factors influence the position of a brand in the Kantar Worldpanel ranking,  noting that a brand will rise up the listing if it has a strong presence in countries with a high population, such as China, India and Brazil, or if it is found in a category where frequency of purchase is high, like beverages. He also confirmed that an umbrella brand, such as Dove, which is successful across a number of categories, will also boost Consumer Reach Points, as will the amount of competition it faces from private label or local brands in key regions and countries.

“These Billionaire Brands own a wide and loyal consumer base. However, all of them still have plenty of room to recruit more shoppers in new geographies, new channels, new targets, new segments, or on new occasions,” he observed, adding that “innovation also remains a crucial element of the marketing mix for growing the brand footprint, as manufacturers adapt to changing consumer needs and habits in different territories – particularly in emerging markets where the growing middle class wants to buy brands and have the disposable income to do it.”

However, Montserrat, urged that as people’s habits, tastes and needs evolve, brands are driven to innovate and find new ways to engage with and be chosen by consumers and shoppers.

“This is an exciting time for the relationship between brands and consumers, as growth demands not only an expanding consumer base but also strong loyalty. This scenario, among others, indicates great untapped opportunities and all brands still have plenty of room to recruit more shoppers in new geographies, new segments or on new occasions,” he concluded.

Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Report  is based on analysis of measures of how many households purchased a brand at least once in 2012 (penetration),  and on the average number of times households bought the brand (frequency). The calculation uses a new metric, Consumer Reach Points, which measures a brand’s strength based on how many shoppers are buying brands and how often.

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