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Millward Brown Firefly shares case studies on successful ads in MENA


Millward Brown Firefly shares case studies on successful ads in MENA

Last Tuesday, at the launch event of Millward Brown Firefly, Rakesh Kumar, Chairman-Global Firefly Board, Meredith Bourgery, Global Client Partner & Jihane Bouziane, Account Director, Dubai, shared findings on what makes different ads successful in the MENA region, a study that was conducted using  proprietary tool, Ideablog.

Social networking sites have fundamentally changed the way that people communicate. At the forefront of Firefly, Millward Brown’s listening solutions, Ideablog harnesses the unique power of the internet to bring people together across time and geography and redefine the focus group space. Building on the dynamics of social networking, Ideablog engages consumers in safe online spaces where they can openly and honestly share thoughts and feelings: a real and rich level of response emerges to offer invaluable insight upon which to build your R&D, creative, and marketing efforts.

KSA is the second largest population on twitter with 3 million users and Egypt has 13 million users on FB

 – 2nd highest growth of digitization in the Middle East vs. rest of the World. Between 2010 and 2013 Middle East has witnessed 50% growth of online users as compared to USA or Europe with a penetration rate of 40% vs. rest of the world
– Digital advertising is forecasted to be the fastest growing media platform in MENA   over the coming three years, growing at an average of 35% per year
– Females are far more expressive on the online platform as compared to the offline world.They would interact with men openly and voice their opinions
 – Men like to share their overtly expressive personalities online by uploading the content from their real life.

Emerging trends in advertising:

– The focus for the big corporations should be on creating big ideas which are disruptive, provocative, relevant & unique.
– The brand message should define the creation of the campaign idea, which will define the brand’s overall communication theme
– The Middle Eastern consumer is evidently more expressive and experimental in the online environment
– Barriers around gender inequality, social codes are diluted. There is much more freedom of expression online.
– Dilution of geographical boundaries and clearly a pan Arab conversation.
– The consumer is increasingly open to new formats of themes around humor, celebrity advertising, whereas the marketers still operating in the ‘safe zone’.
– Online advertising formats get more consumer attention & richer consumer processing
– Thematic advertising is as important as a story line, with an active integration of the brand

What makes for successful ads:

– Advertising based on a BIG campaign idea can translate into consumer attention & commercial success
– A communication idea which is big, disruptive, unique, relevant, credible, defines the brands characteristics & is provocative
– An engaging story line with an active integration of the brand in the storyline
– Formats which encourage both semantic and episodic decoding from the consumers
– Slice of life execution relevant to the cultural nuances and not through a process of ad transference
– Use of celebrity based on the brand fit,  local appeal & accessibility is key


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