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Noor Bank appoints new head of marketing and corporate communication


Noor Bank appoints new head of marketing and corporate communication


Noor Bank (Noor) last week announced the appointment of Paul Mampilli as head of marketing and corporate communication. In his role, Mampilli is responsible for driving Noor’s visibility among key market segments and stakeholders. He is also mandated to raise the brand profile of Noor Investment Group and associate companies, to strengthen and develop internal and external communications’ channels and  to drive insight-led marketing.

Ahmed Kalim, deputy group CEO at Noor Investment Group, says: “Paul’s expertise and background is well-suited to support Noor’s continued growth and development. His diversified experience in branding, digital communication and reputation management will further enhance our efforts in building lasting relationships with our corporate, government, SME and individual customers.  Paul’s talents will also be applied to Noor’s role in establishing Dubai as a key trade centre and global capital of the Islamic economy.”

Mampilli has over 22 years of experience across marketing, advertising, media and corporate communication sectors. He has worked with global organizations including Visa, MasterCard, TBWA and BBDO, across the Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Notably, he spearheaded Visa’s rebranding across South East Asia and helped re-establish the MasterCard brand in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. His most recent role was within the digital space at Publicis Groupe agency, where he dealt with leading financial organizations.

The appointment announcement coincides with Noor Bank’s rebranding, in light of which Communicate spoke to Mampilli.

What is the reason behind Noor Bank’s rebranding?

With more than 50 banks, the banking density in the UAE is among the highest in the world. Surveys in the UAE show customers are not very satisfied with the service provided by the banks here. Noor Bank saw a gap in the market, and we decided to come in with a new value proposition.

Dubai is also on the path to be recognized as the global hub of the Islamic economy. Given this backdrop, we saw an opportunity for the bank to redefine the concept of customer experience, and also to act as a catalyst for Dubai’s vision. The rebranding exercise prepares us well to build a satisfied customer base, and also to support the development of Dubai as a global hub for the Islamic economy by delivering on our new brand promise of “Noor Gets it Done”.

What is the timeline for the rebranding process?

It took us about 18 months from initial concept to delivery. However, the process does not end here. Living the brand promise and constantly seeking new ways to deliver upon it in the face of ever-changing consumer needs is part of Noor Bank’s philosophy.

What does the rebranding entail, and what is the new direction of the brand?

The rebranding gives Noor a clear and compelling role in its customers’ lives. The brand promise is all about delivering ethical financial products that truly meet consumer needs. It is also all about introducing the concept of Islamic finance to the wider population who may not necessarily be Muslim.

“Noor Gets it Done” is a simple rallying cry that captures who we are, our attitude towards delivering a delightful banking services and how we see our unique role in the larger financial industry. No matter how small or big the task is, or however long it takes, we’ll find the best way to get it done.

How will this rebranding impact the bank’s advertising and media strategy?

The objective of all our communication activity is to drive the “Noor Gets It Done” philosophy. We need to understand what customers expect from us. The global trend is moving towards digital banking channels. People expect to be able to deal with their bank with the same ease that they can order products from Amazon. This means that as we live the brand philosophy our digital interface must also work to address our customer needs in alignment with all the back office systems and services supporting the customer interaction. If we give our customers what they are looking for then they are more likely to stay with us and will more easily identify themselves with the Noor Bank brand.

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