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PLUG INS announces results of UAE Consumer Electronics survey


PLUG INS announces results of UAE Consumer Electronics survey

PLUG INS, the multi-brand consumer electronics and IT retailer of Al-Futtaim group has announced the results of the fourth edition of its UAE Consumer Electronics (CE) survey.

The survey which was conducted online gathered responses from 2,450 respondents from 59 nationalities over two weeks. The survey looked at four key consumer electronics categories including Smartphones, TV’s, laptops and tablets and for the first time wearable devices.

“Our consumer electronics survey provides useful insights about UAE residents shopping habits and patterns,” says Omar Abushaban, general manager of PLUG INS in a press statement. “Through our annual survey we hope to uncover useful insights that can help us better understand the pulse of the market. We believe the insights derived from the survey can help shape the marketing and commercial strategies of retailers, vendors and other key stakeholders in order to further improve overall customer experiences at the stores,” he adds.

Key findings from the survey are summarized below:

General consumer electronics trends

  • Of the total 2,450 people who participated in the survey, 91 percent respondents made a major electronics purchase over the last 12 months with smartphones (69 percent) topping their shopping list followed by TVs (36 percent), laptops (32 percent), tablets (29 percent), camera (18 percent) and wearable devices (11 percent)
  • The average annual UAE household spend on electronics fell slightly from the previous survey and stood at AED 4,000 (vs. AED 4,793 in the last survey)
  • The wearable devices category grow with 52 percent of our respondents planning to purchase a gadget over the next 12 months


  • Majority of respondents (47 percent) are willing to pay between AED 2,001 – 3,000 for a smartphone
  • Brand and price remain the two dominant considerations driving smartphone consideration and purchase
  • Samsung is still the leader in the market (41 percent) followed by Apple (36 percent) in the smartphone category together accounting for 77 percent of the UAE market. HTC (4 percent) and Sony (4 percent) are the next highest
  • 42 percent of our respondents said they would replace their smartphone every 2 years with their primary motivation coming from a new model launches while 36 percent of the respondents said they would consider buying a new phone when there were special offers and discounts


  • 40-42″ panel size leads in terms of current size of TV’s owned with 43  percent of the respondents followed by 33.5  percent with 30-39″
  • Nearly 45  percent of the survey respondents said their next panel size would be 46-50″ and a further 25 percent said they would buy a 55-60″ panel size indicating a preference to bigger screen sizes by UAE residents
  • The primary motivator for purchasing a new TV is upgrading technology (39  percent) which is the same as the last survey
  • Panel size tops the consideration list when it comes to future purchase

Wearable Devices

  • Majority of our respondents (84  percent) said they do not currently own a wearable device, however, 52 percent said that they would be looking to buy a gadget this year
  • Of those who own a wearable device, 40  percent currently have a smart watch and from those looking to buy 72 percent said they would buy an Apple watch
  • Of all the respondents 53 percent said they would like to use a Wearable device for fitness related activities followed by phone calls at 39 percent

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